The Halcyon website has updated their rules regarding face paint and visiting Batuu. This is in conjunction with the new face painting services offered aboard the Halcyon ($135). They show examples of the different types of face paint you can choose from, with an approved stamp on some of them that are allowed to go to Batuu.

“Face paint may be worn if it does not cover more than 50% of your face.”

This rule was not stated when I went. I know I was able to go with full face paint and no one said anything to me when I went to Batuu and I only had positive experiences with other guests. And I wasn’t the only one to go on planet fully painted. I guess things have changed now. Please do not use my experience as an example and possibly have a wonderful day ruined by being asked to remove some face paint. I’m just super grateful I could go fully painted before this change in policy. Hopefully I wasn’t the reason for this update? 🤦‍♀️

BUT I guess the good news is “regular” Batuu guests can go in with 50% face paint? Cool!

Original Post:
YES! I know this has been a big concern for many, as it was for me. I was always planning on doing a twi for the Halcyon until about a month ago I heard from my travel agent that Disney would only allow the lekku in Galaxy’s Edge, no face paint. I was devastated. How dumb to be full twi day 1 of the Halcyon and not the 2nd day when we went to Batuu. So I decided to do zabrak instead. Then, a week before our voyage, I talked to another guest who went the on the maiden voyage. She did a twi’lek, but not full face paint because she was afraid of Disney getting mad at her. While there, she saw the imagineers Ann and Scott and specifically asked THEM if guests could go full face paint into Galaxy’s Edge. They enthusiastically said yes, please! After talking to her, I asked my travel agent to please triple check. He came back and said, yes, that they were now saying that guests could come fully painted. So I last minute switched my character back to twi’lek! ⁣

I had no problems whatsoever with Disney or cast members asking me to tone it back or not interact with other guests. In fact, I received NO direction or comment on how to go about my business in Batuu or how to interact with the other guest. To be safe, I would say, “I’m not a cast member” when other guests asked for my photo. And that happened A LOT. In fact, lines would start forming for pictures and we just had to walk away so we could enjoy our time in the park. We did have quite a few people asking us for directions around the park. One lady even asked us if any place at Galaxy’s Edge sold socks 🤣. Just be kind and say you’re not a cast member. ⁣

Now, I don’t know if “normal” guests (those who are not staying on the Halcyon) can come into the park in full makeup and cosplay. My guess is probably not. But I do know that Halcyon guests are completely welcome to!⁣

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