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Bringing Star Wars to Life

Mike and Emily are dedicated to bringing Star Wars to life through the games and currencies of a galaxy far far away.

Our skills include a laser cutting, 3D printing, Cricut cutting, soldering electronics, sewing, embroidery, jewelry making, leather working and more!

Our Core Values


Absolutely fantastic craftsmanship in each and every one of these imperial credits! The luster and finish of each is really great and the weight is perfect for a high quality replica. The truly minted look and feel of these are going to earn a permanent spot in my 1:1 scale collectibles display. Combines perfectly with the republic credits and begs to have a story told about them from long ago in a galaxy far far away.


These are beyond expectation. They shipped and arrived extremely quickly. We opened them as soon as they arrived and had a game night. Let me tell you… you haven’t played Sabacc unless you’ve used these credits! The weight of them from hand to table felt so fun. They are so well made and shine under the lights for extra happiness. Our whole group loved playing with ‘actual’ credits. I HIGHLY recommend these! They are professionally done and I can’t wait to buy more in the future!


These credits are absolutely stunning! Great quality and a welcomed addition to my growing 1:1 scale collection. All of the the details are clean and the finish of each piece is really well done. The weight of each piece is hefty and feels very high quality. Even the “unfinished” backs of the pieces look great! These will be proudly displayed with other items in my collection and fit right in!