Going to Galaxy’s Edge – AKA Black Spire Outpost on the fictional planet Batuu – is one of the most thrilling experiences a Star Wars fan can ever have.

But, in our opinion, to make the most of your Galaxy’s Edge trip and truly immerse yourself among the traders, smugglers, Stormtroopers, and Jedi of Black Spire Outpost, there is one thing you absolutely must do: Batuu bounding. 

What Is Batuu Bounding?

Batuu bounding is a play on the term Disney bounding. Disney bounding came about because of a rule that is heavily enforced at Disney Parks. The rule states that anyone 14 years of age and older who attends the park can’t dress up in character costumes. 

To get around this rule, some Disney adults decided to start wearing outfits that were inspired by the outfits and colors of the characters they love – but that were not screen-accurate cosplay. 

This way, they could display their fandom and have fun with fashion at the parks while still following the rules.

When it comes to Galaxy’s Edge, the restrictions on attire for adults are a bit murkier. That’s because the whole point of entering these parks is to have an immersive experience. You’re not supposed to feel like you’re in the middle of Orlando, FL or Anaheim, CA, but rather like you’ve set foot on a planet set in the Star Wars universe. 

But the basics of the original rule still apply here. 

First and foremost, you’re not supposed to wear costumes that make you look exactly like a character from the Star Wars canon lexicon. Don’t wear your Din Djarin armor or your top-to-bottom Hera Syndulla cosplay here. And definitely don’t dress up like a First Order Stormtrooper, since those guys are constantly patrolling Black Spire Outpost (in character, of course; they’re not real Park security).

As long as you’re not recognizable as a character from the canon lexicon, though, you can go pretty crazy with your outfit! Once, Emily even attended Galaxy’s Edge in full Twi’lek regalia for an original character she created. 

That being said, since she did that, Disney released a rule stating that you can only have 50% of your face covered by face paint. (Womp womp.) For that reason, we don’t recommend painting all your visible skin pink like Emily did.

Be aware that Disneyland is much more strict with adults in costume than Hollywood Studios. Emily tried to get into Disneyland with natural skin-colored lekku, but was turned away. But she could get into Hollywood Studios with the outfit no problem.

Here are some other DON’Ts you should know about, too.

  • DON’T wear a full-coverage face mask or helmet.
  • DON’T carry around realistic-looking fake weapons like blasters, rifles, spears, or knives.
  • DON’T wear anything inappropriate (remember, there are children around).

And, once again:

  • If you’re 14 years of age or older, DON’T dress up in a Star Wars character costume! (though, again, that’s debatable in Hollywood Studios)

The Benefits Of Batuu Bounding

Why would you want to Batuu bound at Galaxy’s Edge instead of wearing everyday clothes? 

Here are three great reasons. 

  1. It Makes Interacting With Galaxy’s Edge Characters More Fun

Interacting with the Galaxy’s Edge characters (especially the Stormtroopers and First Order officers) is always fun. But it’s even more fun when you can have a full-on, pretend conversation about who your character is and what you’re up to on Batuu. 

  1. It Allows You To Be Creative

How long has it been since you’ve given yourself permission to be creative and do something as fun as making up your own Star Wars character? If you can’t remember, then the answer is too long! Batuu bounding is your chance to flex those creative muscles and feel like a little kid again. 

  1. It Makes You Feel Like You’re A Part Of The Star Wars Universe – And The Fan Community

The biggest draw of Galaxy’s Edge is, of course, the feeling of complete immersion in the Star Wars universe. Batuu bounding allows you to take that feeling and amp it up to a whole new level. Not only that, but it connects you to an entire community of bounders who are enjoying Batuu right beside you.

Preparing For Your Batuu Bounding Experience

At this point, you may be wondering how to prepare for your Batuu bounding experience and what options you do have for clothing, since you can’t wear a costume of your favorite character.

We’re glad you asked! Here are some of our favorite tips for crafting the perfect Batuu bound that captures both your personality and your love for Star Wars. 

Tip #1: Create An Outfit INSPIRED By Your Favorite Star Wars Character

Just because you can’t wear a cosplay of your favorite Star Wars character in Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t mean you can’t resemble them somewhat. Clothes inspired by Star Wars characters or featuring their faces or motifs are always welcome. 

Her Universe is a great place to find clothes for your Star Wars-themed outfit. You can also use what you have in your closet (Han Solo’s outfit, for example, is pretty easy to recreate for a Batuu bound. All you really need is dark-colored trousers, black boots, a white or off-white shirt, and a black vest).

Tip #2: Dress Like A Resident Of Black Spire Outpost

If you’ve been to Galaxy’s Edge before, you may have noticed that the employees who work in the Park always dress and act like their own characters. 

Make your Batuu bound simple by dressing like a Black Spire Outpost resident yourself. It’s easy enough, since they typically wear homespun-style materials in earth and neutral tones (knitted circle scarves are also a popular accessory). Don’t look like a cast member too much, though, or you might be turned away!

Tip #3: Create Your Own Original Character And Give Them A Unique Backstory

By far, the Batuu bound we love best is the one where we create original characters for ourselves and design unique outfits for them.

Why do we love this one? Because we’re HUGE Star Wars fans, and we like to go ham on creating our own characters. 

If you think about it, the backstory possibilities for your character are endless. Here are just a few examples of what you could come up with.

  • You could be a Jedi newly arrived on Batuu in hopes of lying low from the First Order – not knowing, of course, that the First Order has already occupied Black Spire Outpost.
  • You could be a smuggler who has brought special cargo to trade or sell in Batuu’s seedy underbelly. 
  • You could be a New Republic senator who is visiting Batuu to discover its significance to the First Order. 

And that’s just the tip of the mudhorn’s horn.

To come up with ideas for your original character (and to familiarize yourself with Batuu’s history and culture, so you don’t come off as a rube when you arrive), we recommend trawling Wookieepedia and the official Star Wars Databank, and reading Star Wars canon materials for research (Black Spire by Delilah S. Dawson is an excellent source of information).

How will you choose to Batuu bound on your next trip to Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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