This was definitely a priority for us. It was hard to find time to be on it since there was only 1 table and everyone wanted to play on it. It took us a couple tries to figure it out, but we did and played a few games of Coruscant Shift on the holo table.

My verdict of the game? Meh. Like the Galaxy’s Edge version of sabacc (Corellian Spike), there are too few rounds in a game to make strategy come into play. The first person to win a round wins the whole game if they just fold the rest of the time. There is a 2 credit ante, the dice roll, and you pick your cards out of the 5 given to you. Your goal is to get to the number on the die and have as many cards that match the suit on the other die. Then you place your bets. You can raise 1, 2, or 5 (max). But the highest a round can be raised by the 4 players is 10. After betting, a second set of cards are passed out to keep the total you have as 5 (the others that you didn’t pick in round 1 were discarded). You then try and better your hand again. Then another round of betting. After that, all hands are revealed and the pot goes to the winner. Ties are super common with how this game works. There are only as many rounds as there are players (max 4) before the whole game is finished and the player with the most credits at the end wins. It’s very hard to loose all your credits (they start with you something like 89 credits per person) since the most you can raise each round is 10. But the game makes sense if they’re trying to get as many people as possible to be able to play it and it involves kids. Traditional sabacc is still by far my favorite variant.⁣

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