Have a backstory or at least your planet. Every asks where you’re from. But going beyond just your home plant depends on how deep you want to take your journey. As we were trying to come up with our backstory, I wanted to know what was even available to choose from on the Halcyon and inquired on some Facebook groups. Quite a few people discouraged coming up with a backstory and said just go with the flow. I am so glad we didn’t listen to them! With help from our friend @idaho_mando, we fleshed out a backstory that goes with why we chose the main smuggling story, why we’re on the Halcyon, and why we were giving credits away to anyone who recognized us. By the way, Mike came up with the “hush money” idea and everyone LOVED it! It was a fantastic way to get to know and at least meet everyone on board, including the staff. ⁣

The main reason why I wanted a backstory was to help ME. I’m not an actress and not the best at ad lib. So, I wanted a backstory to help me have answers when things do come up or to help me know what to do. ⁣

But want to know the best part about coming up with a backstory? The cast members internet stalk you (I mean this in the best way possible)! When we first met the Captain of the Halcyon, she inquired after our ship, The Spike. She would only have known this had we posted our backstories on Instagram and Facebook. It made us soooooo happy!⁣

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