In a galaxy teeming with thrilling adventures, one game stands out as a cherished pastime for both rebels and Imperials alike – Hintaro. Let’s embark on a journey to explore this fascinating dice game that brings the excitement of Star Wars to your tabletop.

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The Origins of Hintaro:

Hintaro, a traditional Star Wars dice game, has been captivating players across the galaxy for centuries. Its origins are deeply rooted in the lore of the Star Wars universe, with whispers of Jedi knights and smugglers sharing tales of epic Hintaro matches in the cantinas of Tatooine and the bustling streets of Coruscant.

The true origins of Hintaro remain shrouded in mystery, much like the Force itself. Two planets, Chazwa and Corsin, proudly lay claim to being the birthplace of the game, each with its own legends and tales of Hintaro’s genesis. However, historians and enthusiasts alike agree that Hintaro likely evolved from ancient dice games that were played on several worlds across the galaxy. Its unique combination of strategy, luck, and symbolism gradually emerged over centuries, transcending planetary boundaries to become the beloved galactic pastime we know today. As the game spread throughout the stars, it carried with it the stories, traditions, and camaraderie of countless players, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of the universe.

Gameplay Overview:

Hintaro is a game of strategy, luck, and cunning. It’s played with a set of six custom dice, each adorned with unique Star Wars symbols. The goal is simple – outsmart your opponent by rolling the perfect combination of symbols to secure victory.

The game can be enjoyed by two or more players, making it an ideal choice for gatherings, game nights, or even solitary matches against droids. The rules are accessible, making it a great option for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Dice

A matched pair of silver dice, with the following faces:



One hintaro dice with the following symbols:



How to play

Goal: Obtain pairs of matching symbols on the two silver dice. The highest ranked roll wins the round and the entire betting pot.

Step 1: Select The Hintaron
The hintaron is similar to the dealer in card games. The hintaron changes each round to the left of the previous hintaron. The hintaron collects antes and wagers, ensures each player has the chance to reroll one die, and to throw the hintaro.

Step 2: Ante In
Each player pays the ante to the pot. The ante amount is agreed on before the game starts.

Step 3: Roll Dice
Each player rolls 2 silver dice.

Step 4: Place Wagers
Beginning at the hintaron’s right, each player may wager an additional amount (raise) or check (bet nothing). The next player to the right must meet the new bet (call) or drop out. After the hintaron makes his decision to call, raise, or drop out, all other players call or drop out.

Step 5: Throw Again
Starting at the hintaron’s left, each player may choose to reroll a single die.

Step 6: Throw Hintaro And Determine Winner
After all players have had a chance to reroll a die, the hintaron rolls the gold hintaro and cancels the corresponding symbol if applicable.

After cancelling, compare all remaining symbol sets to the rank table. Any set not shown cannot win. The pot goes to the winner. With a tie, the pot is split. If no one wins, the pot remains in place for the next round.

The Thrill of the Game:

The excitement of Hintaro lies in the unpredictability of the dice rolls. Players take turns rolling the dice, strategically choosing when to push their luck and when to hold back. Each roll brings the possibility of creating powerful combinations that can turn the tide of the game.

The Force Is with You:

Hintaro is a game that celebrates the essence of Star Wars – the struggle between light and dark, the triumph of good over evil, and the unbreakable spirit of adventure. Whether you’re a Jedi Master, a smuggler, or a droid, Hintaro welcomes you to a world of fun, strategy, and camaraderie.

As you gather around the table to roll the dice and make your moves, remember that in Hintaro, as in the Star Wars saga, the Force is always with you. May your rolls be lucky, and your victories legendary!

So, gear up, rally your allies, and embrace the galaxy’s most entertaining dice game – Hintaro, where every roll is a new adventure in the Star Wars universe. May your dice be in your favor, and may the Force guide your path to victory!

2 thoughts on “How to Play Hintaro the Galaxy’s Favorite Dice Game

  1. Terresa Carriker says:

    Thank you Emily for making my first time playing Hintaro fun and easy to learn. Can’t wait to play again!

  2. Michael says:

    Just enough strategy and risk involved to make it an interesting game but still MOSTLY dependent on your luck (or skill with the force to slightly affect the die rolls.) It was simple to learn and fun to play. Thanks for teaching me! #GemStateComicCon2024

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