For us, yes. But I don’t know if the high price tag would be worth if for other are are less Star Wars crazy. You need to go into this knowing it’s not a cruise; it’s a LARP experience. You’re not going here to relax but to play, and to play HARD. For example, when we first got on the ship and sat down to the lunch buffet, there was a couple who sat in the booth next to us. Immediately we could tell they hadn’t drunk all the Star Wars cool-aid. They were having a hard time understanding the Star Wars lingo of the cast members. They complained about how the food looked. The man even said, “If this is how all the food is, we’re going to loose weight this trip!” By the way, the food was FANTASTIC and deserves a few posts by themselves. ⁣

If you want to LIVE Star Wars, then yes, it is worth it. Are there downsides? Of course. But the amazing production was worth it to us. I DO wish that for the price we paid they would let us buy more out of the gift shop. The policy was 1 item per person. I understand the policy is there to stop scalpers, but we wanted to buy a lot of sabacc decks for friends who couldn’t get one otherwise. ⁣

We definitely want to go again. Especially if we can share a cabin with others to help bring the cost down a bit!⁣

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