Hyperspace Adoption Agency

Displaced Loth-Cats Need Your Help

With the Empire’s hasty withdraw from the Lothal System and their scorched earth campaign, much of the native Loth-Cat population was displaced. The streets of Capital City are now overrun with Loth-Cats searching for food and shelter.

We need your help to provide these poor Loth-Cats with loving homes that are far away from the Empire’s reach. Please adopt a Loth-Cat so together we can raise the next generation of Loth-Kittens in peace and safety. 


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Fully Hand-Crafted

Every detail is built by hand and meticulously crafted to look amazing and bring it to life.

Life-Size Replica

Created at a true-to-life scale with poseable tail, ears, and head for beautiful expression. 

Adorably Cute

Super fluffy and hand-painted fur to give you a buddy to snuggle up next to.


How We’ve Created It

The Loth-Cat is designed based on the new live action Loth-Cat from Ahsoka. It contains a 3D printed body covered in hand-painted fur. The face is flocked to give it the correct texture and a velvety touch.

The ears and tail have an armature-wire base with fur over it to allow for custom poses. The head is on a ball-joint so it also has some customizability. Finally, the eyes are a custom glass eye with a hint of blue, just like in Ahsoka.

25 in (63.5 cm) Tall – Feet to Ears
9.5 in (24.15 cm) Wide – Between Front Shoulders
25 in (63.5 cm) Long – Face to Tail Pointing up

3.4 lbs (1.5 kg)




How long will it take for my Loth-Cat to arrive?

Each Loth-Cat takes about 3-4 weeks to catch, train, and domesticate so that it’s ready to be your new favorite pet! We’ll be opening up Loth-Cats for adoption in waves, so you’ll have a good idea of when yours is ready for its forever home! We are also excited to announce that we’ll be able to transport the Loth-Cats to every corner of the galaxy.

Loth-Cats are great pets and very easy to care for. They are self-sufficient and can take care of all of their needs. Feel free to brush their fur and give them lot’s of love! Loth-Cats don’t really like water, so they appreciate staying clean and dry. They love being pet and scratched behind their ears, but don’t really like to have their faces touched. Also, be sure to not leave them in your hot speeder as they don’t do well with heat.


Loth-Cats are a low-energy pet. They like staying off to the side or even on a desk or shelf. They prefer to not be in direct sunlight and get nervous when there are kids trying to swarm them. Just find a good spot for them to call home and they’ll just stand there and be content with their domain.