The History of Sabacc

Every Star Wars fan knows that Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. We knew this as a fact even before Solo: A Star Wars Story premiered in theaters, and we saw the Sabacc game where it all went down for ourselves. But, did you ever stop to think about how we know?

The truth is the history of Sabacc is longer and richer than you might have guessed. It’s not just a simple card game that George Lucas made up on his day off. Many different creators had a hand in developing it and establishing its rules. And although we only just saw Sabacc in a movie a couple of years ago, the game had been one of the holy grails of Star Wars lore for many decades prior…

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What’s the Difference between Versions?

Coruscant Shift , Corellian Spike, Traditional 

To outline the differences between these three popular variants of sabacc, we’re going to make our way through each phase of the game: the object, the cards, the game pieces, the setup, the rounds, and winning the game.

While Coruscant Shift, Corellian Spike, and traditional sabacc share several basic characteristics, like the values of the cards, the objective to reach a certain value with your hand, and choosing a dealer, they also differ in significant ways. For example, the deck sizes vary considerably between these three games. There are also differences in the potential duration of each type of sabacc and in how many cards are dealt…

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