Not really. Now this is where you need to know I’m a very cold person. I like the heat; it helps me thaw out. I’m from Idaho where winter lasts almost half the year and going to Florida is a dream come true. The temperature was mid 80s, which I like normally with shorts and a t-shirt. But I was perfectly fine with my thin leggings, colored gloves, plastic lekku, and wool cape. The arm gloves and cape helped shield me from the hot sun and I could fan myself with the cape. The leggings were pretty thin to begin with. My head did start to itch from a little bit of sweat where I couldn’t dab at it. I also use special anti-perspirant the night before I cosplay to help, but I don’t sweat much to begin with. I was pretty comfortable overall. But Batuu’s suns were very bright (as you can tell from the pic) and I appreciated any shade I could get while there. ⁣

Also, interesting side note, I realized that my face paint turned a very pale shade of pink. I don’t know if the sun did that or if it just oxidized. I was able to touch up a little when we got back to the Halcyon just fine. ⁣

Before when we visited Batuu, I had my Dr. Aphra inspired bound that included a sweater and a flight cap. The weather was in the 90s and most of the time we had to wear a mask. Now that was HOT and I was struggling. I didn’t regret what I was wearing because I love cosplaying, but I did run for AC when we were outside for a little too long. ⁣

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