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So, you’re ready to go on your first (or second, or even hundredth) journey through Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World or Disneyland! As you probably already know, Galaxy’s Edge is the ultimate theme park for Star Wars nerds. It’s an immersive experience with characters, toys, collectibles, food, beverages, and adventures all inspired by the Star Wars films and television series.
But those are all things that the park has to offer. What about what you have to offer the park? What can you do to make your time in Galaxy’s Edge even more immersive and memorable?
Just think how cool it would be to dress and act like your own Star Wars character. With the right clothes and accessories, you can! That’s all part of the fun of Batuu-bounding.

What Is Batuu?

First, let’s clear up what the word “Batuu” means.
In Star Wars canon, Galaxy’s Edge is not called “Galaxy’s Edge.” It’s a planet called Batuu, a quaint backwoods world that has just been occupied by the evil First Order. A Resistance spy named Vi Moradi is already on Batuu establishing a Resistance base when the Stormtroopers and their infamous commander, Kylo Ren, arrive. Now Moradi’s mission is to discover the First Order’s secrets and hinder them in whatever way she can.
This sets the scene for the theme park, where popular Resistance and First Order characters parade around and guests are invited to enjoy the rustic charms of Black Spire Outpost, Batuu’s center for trade and news – and haven for smugglers. Park workers are dressed in simple woven garments that match the warm color tones of the planet’s ancient petrified tree spires and earthen buildings. They, too, are in character so that no matter where you go in Galaxy’s Edge or whom you interact with, you always feel like you are in another world. The world of Batuu.

What Is Batuu Bounding?

Now that we understand what Batuu is, we can talk about Batuu-bounding.
The term “bounding” stems from a rule in place at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, that only children under the age of 14 years old can dress up in costumes to match their favorite characters. Anyone 14 and older must wear clothes that, at the most, subtly reference the character they want to dress up as. This is to prevent guests from becoming confused and mistaking other guests for paid park employees.
The same rule holds for Galaxy’s Edge; only in this case, Disney encourages guests of the Star Wars theme park to dress up like Batuu citizens and become their own characters. So, while you can’t bring your impressive Mandalorian armor that you worked on for months to Batuu, you can still feel like a Star Wars character when you Batuu-bound.
But that’s not the limit of what you can do. You can get really into it and create a character that comes from a completely different planet. For example, you could dress up as a high-stakes gambler from Canto Bight, complete with a cape a la the old smoothie himself, Lando Calrissian. Or you could wear soft brown clothes and boots and craft your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop in the park, thus completing your quest to become a “real” Jedi.
You may be disappointed to hear that you can’t cosplay as your favorite Star Wars character or wear a costume and prosthetics and other cosplay paraphernalia. But if you exercise just a little bit of creativity, you can still dress up and make your Galaxy’s Edge experience even more fun.

What Does A Citizen Of Batuu Wear?

So, what does a citizen of Batuu wear?
Typically, you’ll see a Batuuan dress in simple, monochromatic color schemes, with an emphasis on warm tones such as brown, beige, and yellow. For cool tones, think dusky blues and purples. These people aren’t flashy. They’re simple traders, leading simple lives, and they don’t want to attract attention – especially not attention from the occupying forces of the First Order.
Batuuans wear layers upon layers of soft materials, like woven wraps, cotton shirts, vests, and polyester or cotton pants or skirts. The pants are usually tucked into a pair of neutral-colored boots or sneakers.
Their jackets, ponchos, and cardigans are well-worn and fit like a second skin. Nothing brings an outfit together like a smart piece of outerwear.
To top everything off, they often wear cloth wraps, like warmers, on their legs or arms, a scarf that doubles as a hoodie, a sturdy belt with a large buckle, and simple hand carved necklaces.
Don’t forget bags! Batuuans and off-worlders alike need sturdy backpacks or crossbodies to hold their essentials, as well as newfound treasures from Dok-ondar’s Den of Antiquities, the Creature Stall, and First Order Cargo.

What Does An Off-worlder Wear?

What if you decide you don’t want to be a citizen from Batuu? Maybe you want to be a world-weary bounty hunter, or a wide-eyed Resistance joiner from the Core Worlds. When it comes to dressing like an off-worlder, you’re only limited by your imagination.
We recommend you start with the character’s story. Who are they? Where have they been? Why have they come to Batuu? Let the story guide your outfit choices.
You can be a Sith lord, a Jedi, a bounty hunter, an archaeologist, or even just a simple being making their way through the universe. Just remember don’t get too costume-y, or you’ll face the wrath of Kylo Ren! (Just kidding, but you may face the displeasure of the Mouse.)

How Expensive Is Batuu Bounding?

Unlike normal cosplay, where you often spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on constructing a screen-accurate costume, Batuu-bounding doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can probably find clothes that fit the laidback Batuu vibe in your closet at home.
But if you want to go shopping, consider visiting a thrift store to find clothes, shoes, and accessories that are already a little worn, like the wearer has been traveling or working in them for years. You’ll fit right into the downhome atmosphere of the Black Spire Outpost.

Batuu Bounding Ideas

Need some ideas for your first Batuu-bound? We’ve put together a list of our favorite Galaxy’s Edge staples, plus some inspiration for fans who want to flaunt their fandom a little more loudly (without breaking the park’s cosplay rules). You can find all these items and more on our Amazon list here.

  1. Neutral Shirt And Pants

First up, let’s start with a basic neutral shirt and pair of pants. These will have no patterns or loud color schemes but will be the base for the rest of your outfit. Think of them as the solid foundation that you’ll build everything else on top of. Go for warm, earthy tones, like beige, brown, black, or olive green.

  1. Poncho

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars movies, you know that a poncho is one of the most essential pieces of outerwear you can add to your wardrobe. It keeps the sun off you without restricting you in the spring and summer, while blocking cold drafts and deflects moisture during the fall and winter.
Plus, some of our favorite Star Wars characters wear ponchos. Qui-Gon Jinn wears one in The Phantom Menace on his trips to Mos Espa. Luke Skywalker dons a poncho in A New Hope after he sells his landspeeder to pay Han Solo’s transport fee. In Rogue One, Jyn Erso puts on rainproof poncho before she goes to see her father, Galen Erso, for the last time. And of course, we can’t forget the poncho Rey wears in The Last Jedi, which you may see her don in Black Spire Outpost during the character parade!

  1. Longline Cardigan Or Hoodie

A longline cardigan or hoodie is a simple piece that will keep you warm, as well as lend you an air of mystery. You might be a Jedi or a Sith off-duty, or perhaps just a Batuuan who likes to dress comfortably. There’s a wide range of colors open to you, including black, brown, olive green, and jewel tones of turquoise and plum.

  1. Puffer Vest

A puffer vest is warm, fashionable, and gives off a utilitarian vibe, like you’re passing through Black Spire Outpost on the way to an exciting adventure. You can also opt for a vest that has pockets to store your essential items in, so that you can stay hands-free for all the fun Galaxy’s Edge activities and attractions.

  1. Ribbed Shirt

Thanks to the fashion sense of Kylo Ren, ribbed shirts are “in” on Batuu. And for good reason: they’re unique, rugged, and more interesting than a plain old t-shirt. They also look edgy, which in turn makes you look tough and cool. No unsavory cantina types will want to pick a fight with you!

  1. Droid Disguise

Who wants to be human all the time? Why not dress up in clothes inspired by your favorite droid to throw off the scent of the stormtroopers? If you’re a Star Wars know-it-all (let’s be real, we’re all Star Wars know-it-all’s), you may want to wear this C-3PO shirt to channel Goldenrod’s intelligence and knack for caustic insults.

  1. Inspired By Star Wars Characters

There’s nothing wrong with taking some inspiration from canon characters in the Star Wars universe, even if you can’t dress up like them from head to toe. Thanks to excellent brands like Her Universe, there are lots of character bounding options out there on the internet.
For example, if you want to channel Lando Calrissian’s signature flair, you can wear a cape. Han Solo fans, meanwhile, will enjoy a cardigan or skirt with the Corellian bloodstripe detail. And for fans of The Book of Boba Fett, you can wear this shirt which mimics the bounty hunter’s distinctive armor.

  1. A Utilitarian Accessory

Don’t forget about your accessories! My wife wore a pair of goggles on her head (channeling Doctor Aphra vibes) during one of our Batuu-bounding trips to Galaxy’s Edge. Obviously, they’re meant to be more decorative than functional, but they make for neat pictures and add an element of unique interest. You can also wear a belt, gloves, scarves, a hat – anything is possible!

  1. Leggings

Leggings are a great Batuu-bounding option. They’re comfortable and breathable, so you’ll be able to walk around in Black Spire Outpost all day without them chafing. They also come in a surprising array of Star Wars-inspired colors and designs.

  1. Form Fitting Dress Or Suit

Let’s say you’re more of a First Order type of being. You like the tight crisp lines and muted colors of the officer’s uniforms. Or maybe you enjoy a little political flair in your fashion and want to look like a local mayor or a visiting Moff.

Black Spire Outpost Awaits Your Presence

Now that you’re bursting with Batuu-bounding ideas, it’s time to go out there and craft your own outfit (or outfits) for your next visit to Galaxy’s Edge. Black Spire Outpost awaits your presence!

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