There was no official event for formal wear. On most normal cruises, there is a formal evening, but that wasn’t on the itinerary at all for the Halcyon. For a long time, we thought there was a formal evening. When I found out there wasn’t an official event, I almost considered not bringing my formal wear. But I’m so glad I did! Many people changed their outfits for dinner and we didn’t stick out at all (well, besides being pink). I know some people have been hesitant to bring costumes with them for fear no one else would be dressed up, but I’d say there was a majority who did somewhat dress up and a good chunk of us who went all out! But time is short, so make sure when you do have outfits to change that you can do so easily and quickly. ⁣ ⁣ Hubby made my twi’lek crown fairly last minute (since I had last minute decided to go as twi’lek instead of zabrak). I’m so glad he did because it really completed my look. It’s made mostly out of worbla and I could just interchange it on my cap for the other greeblies I made to go on my cap. All with velcro!⁣

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